About Us

Royal fabricators is a manufacturer unit offering comprehensive range of product in the Metal , wood, stone and other architectural uses .


Royal fabricators first began providing with quality manufacturing services in 1990. Founded by, Mr Ramakant Ajaria with an aim based upon the commitment to provide customers with high quality manufacturing and outstanding service. This principle was a cornerstone of the new company and, over time, drove Royal Fabricators to improve customer support by aggressively expanding capabilities and service offerings. Because of this bold expansion of services, Royal Fabricators today offer a huge range of exclusive products like Main Gate, Railing, Prefabricated staircase, Lighting, Furniture, CNC cut panel, CNC engraved stone panel and other vital manufacturing services.

As the company continued to grow throughout the vision and management of Mr. Ramakant Ajaria initiatives have continued to lead the company into the new millennium. The original goals of the company remain as we continue to seek achievement of high levels of customer satisfaction and continued growth and expansion in the years to come.


Over the years, Royal fabricator has experienced steady growth in its production and service offerings. Located in City called the "city of lakes" Udaipur (Rajasthan), Has workshop and factory equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art machining and fabricating technology, from high tech CNC water jet to CNC Laser and CNC plasma with other machining equipment. Our employees are experienced and highly trained and can help guide you with suggestions and input that will help maximize your project's efficiency, while often lowering costs.

Our Philosophy

Royal fabricators has always been willing to "go the extra mile" to help our customers achieve their objectives. Unlike many manufacturers, we provide true, value-added services, such design assistance, providing latest design with using fusion of various material & just-in-time delivery, and much more. In addition, we are constantly seeking better ways to deliver on our promise to provide customers with quality customer service.

At Royal fabricators, we enhance our customer service by:

  • Providing high value-to-cost deliverables on time.
  • Keeping in mind the customer view will working on any project.
  • Offering a diverse range of machining, fabricating that allows for a "Single Source Solution"
  • Investing in, and continually upgrading, our manufacturing technology.
  • Hiring and retaining skilled, creative and responsive craftsmen.

It is this commitment to you - the customer - that sets us apart from our competition and helps maximize the benefits you derive from our services. Remember: When it comes to high quality, Royal fabricators is the "Single Source Solution" for all of your archtiual manufacturing needs.


Knowing that technology is rapidly changing, each of our employees are committed to continuous learning & skills enhancement. We are constantly learning new, cost effective ways to perform efficiently on projects just like yours. Our people make the difference that sets us apart from our competition!