..a house of metal craft

Royal fabricators is a manufacturer unit offering comprehensive range of product in the Metal , wood, stone and other architectural uses .


Royal fabricators first began providing with quality manufacturing services in 1990. Founded by, Mr Ramakant Ajaria with an aim based upon the commitment to provide customers with high quality manufacturing and outstanding service. This principle was a cornerstone of the new company and, over time, drove Royal Fabricators to improve customer support by aggressively expanding capabilities and service offerings. Because of this bold expansion of services, Royal Fabricators today offer a huge range of exclusive products like Main Gate, Railing, Prefabricated staircase, Lighting, Furniture, CNC cut panel, CNC engraved stone panel and other vital manufacturing services.

As the company continued to grow throughout the vision and management of Mr. Ramakant Ajaria initiatives have continued to lead the company into the new millennium. The original goals of the company remain as we continue to seek achievement of high levels of customer satisfaction and continued growth and expansion in the years to come.